Advanced Entry Kiosks Features For Senior Living Community

We offer specialized features catered to your Senior Living, discover the sign-in process to make your facility safer & welcoming. Visit Now & Read more.

  • Facial Recognition

    Utilizing facial recognition software, our kiosks' registration and check-in processes are quick, simple, and touchless.

  • Temperature

    Our kiosks recognize and calibrate the temperature of each user in under 3 seconds. The overall check-in process is fast and reliable, creating efficiency for both employees and guests.

  • Touchless Response

    Our kiosks' COVID-19 health questionnaire scans for any symptoms of illness or risk of infection, gathering responses with a simple nod or shake of the head.

  • Badge Printing

    Identify all visitors with a printed badge, complete with a photo and time slot. Make them your own by adding your facility's logo.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Status

    In addition to clearly displaying vaccination status on identification badges, our devices can now scan and save users’ vaccination cards.

  • QR Code

    Our QR code pre-register feature prompts guests to fill out registration details on their own devices after the kiosk has identified a new face.

  • Consent Forms

    Prompt visitors to complete all consent and policy forms unique to your facility during sign-in.

  • SMS & Email Alerts

    SMS alerts notify guests of when it’s time to leave, keeping visiting hours smooth and coordinated. Use both SMS and email to broadcast custom messages to users.

  • Boost Online Ratings

    Upon departure, guests will be prompted with an invite to rate your facility, effortlessly garnering you stellar reviews.

  • Portal Dashboard

    Our software features a web-based visitor log with live search options. It records all user details with photos, contact information, questionnaire answers, and temperature readings. Here you can also manage staff logs, print reports, and create alerts.

  • Customization Options

    Register each user in a customizable category, such as staff, visitor, vendor, or other of your choosing. Add unique sign-out options, questionnaires, alerts, and information requirements for each group.

  • User Messages Upon Entry

    Administrators can leave messages for an individual or for all users in a category, which will be presented to them at the kiosk during check-in. Use this feature to share announcements with staff, or reach out to an individual privately as soon as they arrive.

  • Optimized Security

    Administrators are immediately notified when a guest is denied entry. Blacklist an unsafe individual in order to automatically deny them entry upon arrival.

  • Easy Installation

    Setup is simple: just plug in our devices to get them up and running! Kiosks can be mounted on any surface or stand, and connect to Wi-fi.

  • Integration Properties

    Connect Advance Entry's workflow with your existing systems to keep data automatically synced and organized. With our new open API, data entry is a thing of the past.

Discover how your facility can become a safer, welcoming, and more efficient place.

  • Arrival

    The device will scan and capture visitor’s
    Telephone Number
    Answers to CDC Questionnaire
    These preliminary precautions will ensure the ultimate health and safety of your facility.

  • Badge Registration

    Once registration is complete, the Advanced Entry device will print a custom ID badge with a visible time stamp to allocate a specific time slot, and indicate that the visitor has been cleared for entry.

  • Communication

    Visitor will receive an immediate SMS from us welcoming them into the building. Another SMS will be sent five minutes before their time is up to remind the visitor their stay is coming to an end.

  • Security Control

    All-access denied visitors will automatically alert proper personnel. This includes high-temperature recording and incorrect answers to CDC questionnaires. Information is then stored in our portal to await approval through the proper explanation. Once approved, appointed personnel are required to document before visitors can be granted access to the building.

  • Follow-up Protocol

    Our features include a follow-up review process. Each visitor will receive a message to rate your facility. Once the facility is rated the information is either recorded for only management to view or will automatically populate your Company’s Google page, to help you maintain or reach a 5-star rating!

List of Product Features

Process

  • Register as many visitors, vendors, and residents as your organization requires with unlimited documentation of all entrants
  • Quick and contactless sign-in, utilizing facial recognition
  • Capability for each user to pre-register with a QR code on his or her own device
  • Kiosks capture a photo of each new entrant
  • Cloud-based, highly accurate facial recognition software
  • Fully contactless temperature calibration of each entrant
  • Register each user in a customizable category, such as staff, visitor, vendor, doctor, resident, or other category of your choosing
  • Kiosk collects the personal information of users in each category, such as phone number, email address, home address, and more
  • Create sign-in questions unique to each user category
  • Prompt user to fill out consent and facility policy forms during sign-in
  • Fully contactless CDC health questionnaire, using a simple head gesture to respond
  • Kiosk denies entry following an answer indicating that a user is unsafe to enter
  • Identify all visitors with a printed badge, complete with a photo and time stamp
  • Verify each user’s Covid-19 vaccination status upon entry
  • Vaccination status is clearly displayed on each visitor’s identification badge
  • Visitors and vendors are prompted to select who they’ve come to see
  • Kiosk informs users of facility protocols using combined audio and text
  • Security is alerted when a visitor is denied access
  • Kiosk audio guides the user through each step of sign-in
  • Customizable sign-out options for each user category


  • Access Advanced Entry’s online portal for a detailed analysis of all activity
  • Activity tracking in real-time
  • Search guests by cross-referencing with residents they’ve visited
  • View and export reports, featuring details such as users’ temperature and questionnaire results, while easily filtering by date range and user category
  • Store all accepted documents in a HIPAA-compliant cloud database
  • Administrative override available to approve denied entries
  • Assess all Google reviews posted by registrants
  • Issue SMS or email blasts to all registrants
  • Easily switch through analytics and reports for each of your organization’s locations, using one login
  • Assign various administrative capabilities to employees based on role

Instant Alerts/Notifications

  • Welcome SMS alert for visitors, featuring your facility’s security protocols
  • SMS alert when visit time has ended, as well as five minutes prior to departure
  • Good-bye SMS alert as visitors exit the building
  • SMS and email prompts direct visitors to rate their experience on Google
  • Staff and residents receive notifications when someone arrives to visit them
  • Customizable alerts upon entering based on user category
  • Capability to notify department head of a new visitor’s arrival
  • Receive a notification of each new registration
  • Management is alerted if a visitor overstays
  • Administrator receives text/email alert if a user displays a temperature above the established threshold
  • Administrator receives text/email alert if a user fails the health questionnaire
  • Receive security alerts for unwanted visitors
  • Receive notifications for issues with badge printing
  • Daily/weekly activity reports sent automatically via email
  • Administrator is notified when visitor feedback is received
  • Administrator is notified of any new Google reviews shared, even those posted without an alert from Advanced Entry

Reviews/Visitor Feedback - Boost Your Online Presence

  • Capability for visitors to provide their feedback
  • Push positive Google ratings
  • Send visitors a link to a custom review survey
  • Administrator is notified of all feedback and Google reviews received
  • Manually request feedback from any visitor


  • All-in-one device: includes a facial recognition camera, thermometer, QR code reader, and ID reader
  • Synchronize multiple kiosks in the same facility
  • No data is stored on kiosk to ensure security
  • Add a branded facility logo to kiosks and printed badges
  • LED disinfection light
  • High speed laser printer
  • Audio instruction
  • Effortless installation - no setup required
  • Automatic software updates
  • Priced per each facility regardless of number of kiosks
  • No implementation fee
  • Ships with UPS same day as your order is placed

Other Features

  • Branded web page for pre-registration
  • Pre-register QR code, shareable across social media
  • Pre-registration email, containing visit and location details
  • Establish threshold for temperature
  • Multiple language options available
  • Add a personalized ‘entrance denied’ message
  • Blacklist an unauthorized person
  • Kiosk retrieves and displays the last resident that the guest visited
  • Guest is prompted to provide the reason for their visit
  • Integrate with and control electronic entrances
  • Open API integration
  • Upload and integrate your staff list
  • Integrate kiosks with your staff’s time and attendance
  • Quickly register staff using their ID or social security number
  • Integrate with your patient directory
  • Unlimited cloud storage